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Supreme Pianos of NY has a small collection of expertly restored Steinways, & other fine quality pianos. Our hallmark is the great care & attention to detail that we give to all our pianos. Our Steinways are completely restored, vintage instruments. We give the same precise care to all our pianos as we give to the finest instruments in our collection. In our newer pre-owned pianos, we go over every aspect of the piano. Each piano is thoroughly refurbished, regulated, & tuned. We replace strings, hammers, dampers & action parts as needed, to bring each instrument to its highest level of musical perfection. We provide the finest instruments at the most affordable prices.

*If we don't have what you're looking for, please call us.* We have projects we're working on that might not be listed yet. Also we are now offering rentals.

All pianos for sale: price includes delivery within 100 miles of our store. Stairs are extra. Full delivery charges apply for farther distances. Price also includes one in-home tuning within the first 60 days of delivery. We accept credit cards, and we also offer financing. We ship nationwide and internationally.



Steinway M Grand Piano- 1920

$16,000. Steinway grand piano, model M, made in 1920. Satin ebony, 5’7” in length. Fully refurbished. Impeccable condition. Almost done regulating, will be ready soon More detail » More detail »

Kohler and Campbell Grand Piano

$6,500. Kohler and Campbell grand piano. Beautiful finish and look, complements any home decor style. Excellent condition. More detail » More detail »

Charles Walter Console- Mahogany

$3,250. Classic French Provincial style Charles Walter console piano. Satin mahogany finish. Made in USA. High quality, reputable brand. Excellent condition. We are refurbishing it now. More detail »
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Yamaha U3 Studio Upright Piano

$5,250. Formidable and classic Yamaha U3 studio upright piano. 52″ tall. Big, beautiful timbre. High gloss ebony. Certified rebuild by Yamaha Factory in Japan for export to U.S.A. Made in 1986, excellent time for Yamaha quality with all parts made in Japan. Comes with brand new matching bench which we will assemble for you. More detail »
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Sweet Vintage 1939 Mason Hamlin Console

$2,650. The year of the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens NY! This sweet 1939 Mason Hamlin console piano is like a time capsule, nicely preserved throughout the years. Excellent condition. Sweet style will take you back to the sounds of yesteryear. We are going over it now to fully refurbish it- so it’s fresh & ready to go to a new loving home. Will be greatly enjoyed again! More detail » More detail »

New Baldwin B252 Concert Upright Piano

This *Brand New* B252 is the newest version of Baldwin’s largest upright piano. At 52” in height, it provides as much total soundboard area as a 6’3″ grand. This piano features a special design that supports longer bass strings which produce a rich and resonant tone normally associated with a grand piano More detail » More detail »

Yamaha G2 Baby Grand

SOLD! Yamaha G2 baby grand piano, satin ebony, made in 1986. Length 5’7”. Excellent condition More detail » More detail »

Baldwin Hamilton Upright Piano- Walnut
Baldwin Hamilton Upright- Walnut

$1,450. Baldwin Hamilton upright piano, walnut, and thoroughly refurbished. Excellent condition. Will be ready soon More detail » More detail »

Baldwin Hamilton Upright Piano- Model 5024A
Baldwin Hamilton Upright- Pecan

$2,950. Baldwin Hamilton upright piano, pecan, model 5024A. Pretty style. Excellent condition. We’re putting on brand new Steinway/Renner hammers. Will be ready soon More detail » More detail »

Ebony Baldwin Hamilton Upright Piano
Baldwin Hamilton Upright- Ebony

$1,750. Baldwin Hamilton upright piano, style 243G. Stylish satin ebony case. Thoroughly refurbished and in excellent condition More detail » More detail »

Samick JS-044 Console Piano

SOLD! Samick console piano, model JS-044. Excellent condition More detail » More detail »

1980 Steinway Hepplewhite Console Piano
1980 Steinway Hepplewhite Console

$7,950. Steinway Hepplewhite piano, made in 1980. Excellent condition. Brand new Steinway strings. Will be ready soon More detail » More detail »

Samick JS-118 Upright Piano
Samick French Provincial Upright

$3,250. Samick upright piano, model JS-118. Height 47”. French Provincial design. Excellent condition. Made in 2010 More detail » More detail »

Gorgeous Steinway B Grand Piano- Fully Restored

UPDATE: This restored Steinway B just sold. We have another Steinway B grand piano that is close to being finished, coming soon. 1927 golden era, completely restored. $65,000 More detail »   More detail »

Vintage Steinway Console, Louis XV Style

$7,500. Excellent Steinway Louis XV console piano, walnut. One owner. Perfect original condition More detail »   More detail »

New Hallet and Davis Console

SOLD! Brand new Hallet and Davis console piano, signature collection. High gloss ebony. 45″ in height. Model UP115M2 More detail »   More detail »

Vintage Steinway Hepplewhite Console

$4,500. Sweet Steinway Hepplewhite console piano. Made in 1941, excellent quality. New, top of the line German Steinway (Renner) parts. Beautiful tone More detail »   More detail »

Steinway S Baby Grand Piano

$24,500. Steinway S grand piano, 1939, just now restored. Refinished, new pinblock, new strings, perfect original soundboard, new dampers, new German Steinway (Renner) action. More detail »   More detail »

Boston by Steinway Upright Piano

SOLD! Boston upright piano designed by Steinway. One owner, purchased new in 2010. Excellent condition. Handsome oak finish, with matching bench More detail »   More detail »

Yamaha U1 Studio Upright Piano

$4,500. Yamaha U1 studio upright piano, 48” in height, classic high gloss ebony. Certified and authentically exported to the U.S. by Yamaha Factory Headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan. This piano is made in 1988, and has recently been completely refurbished by Yamaha factory technicians in Japan More detail »   More detail »

Charles Walter Upright Piano

SOLD! Charles Walter upright piano made in the year 2000. Excellent quality, highly sought-after brand. Made in USA. Oak finish. Excellent condition. Fully refurbished, regulated, and tuned. More detail » More detail »

Ebony Steinway 1098 Piano

$12,450. This Steinway upright piano is the well-respected model 1098. It has 3 pedals, which is unusual and highly sought after. Most uprights do not have a sostenuto pedal like a grand piano, but this one does. Fully restored- refinished in satin ebony, new strings, new hammers, new dampers. Regulated and tuned More detail » More detail »

Mahogany Steinway 1098 Upright

$8,450. Steinway upright piano, model 1098, mahogany, made in 1955. Fully restored. More detail » More detail »

New Baldwin BP5 Rosewood Upright

Brand new Baldwin upright piano, model BP5, high gloss rosewood case, 49″ tall. Ten year factory warranty. More detail » More detail »

New Baldwin B342 Console

Brand new Baldwin console piano, model B342, in satin mahogany, 43.5″ tall. Ten year Baldwin warranty. More detail » More detail »

Mason Hamlin Console Piano

$4,950. Mason and Hamlin console piano, vintage 1954. Newly restored–new strings, new hammers, new dampers, & refinished. Gorgeous design on the legs and case. More detail » More detail »

Steinway M Grand Piano

$26,500. This vintage 1911 Steinway Model M is a magnificent instrument. From the era when Steinway was making their finest pianos, it was completely restored by our master technicians. Using the finest materials, we’ve produced a remarkable instrument. More detail » More detail »


Supreme Pianos of New York is a fully insured business. We are a proud associate of the Piano Technicians Guild.

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