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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Westchester County, NY
Supreme Pianos of New York

Here are some questions and answers that may be of interest to you…

Q. Does Supreme Pianos want to buy my piano?

A. In many cases, no. We are very selective, with a narrow range of qualifications for the pianos we purchase. Right now we’re looking for upright pianos, made in the 1980’s or newer. Excellent condition, with no scratches on the case. (Also Steinway grand pianos in original condition, 1900-1950’s and 1980’s or newer.)

We’re only interested in these specific brands right now: Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin (no spinets), Kawai, Samick. We go over all our pianos meticulously and refurbish them, which takes time, labor, and repairs. This is why many people would get a better price for their piano if they sold it themselves, rather than to us. However, some people find it appealing to sell to us, because it’s convenient. Also, we can assure the piano will be professionally moved, cared for, improved upon, and will find a new loving home. If your piano is not one of the brands we’re looking for, we recommend advertising on the Net.

Q. Does your store want to buy my Wurlitzer, Chickering, Hyundai, or other brand of acoustic piano?

A. Sorry, no. Please see the first question above. We only sell a narrow range of brands that meet specific criteria. We are happy to work on and improve all brands of acoustic pianos. But as far as what we sell in our store, the range is narrow.

Q. Where should I put my piano in my home? 

A. Place the piano in front of an interior wall. This will help to reduce temperature fluctuations. Also, avoid placing it near radiators/heaters. It’s not recommended to have your piano in the kitchen, too, due to heat and grime. Also make sure not to have the piano in direct sunlight, as this could cause sun bleaching to the case.

Q. How often should I have my piano tuned?

A. In the Northeast part of the U.S. where we live, it’s recommended to have your piano tuned about twice a year. It’s also recommended to have the piano tuned whenever you move it to a new home.

Q. How can I make my piano quieter, if I live in an apartment?

A. You can place blankets behind the piano to muffle the volume a bit.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes we do. We also accept cash, checks, money orders, and debit cards. We can accept credit cards for all our services–in-home tunings, repairs, and piano sales. We also offer financing on all our piano sales.

Q. Do you sell or service calliopes or organs? Do you want to buy my organ?

A. No, sorry, we do not sell, service or purchase organs. For organ repairs, we recommend an associate in the Metropolitan NY area, Sebastian Wheat. (917) 405-5851

Q. Do you sell or service digital pianos or keyboards? Do you want to buy my electronic keyboard?

A. No, sorry, we do not sell, service or purchase digital pianos or keyboards. We recommend Alto Music in Wappingers Falls, NY. (845) 297-0011

Q. Do you fix spinets? Do you want to buy my spinet?

A. Yes we are happy to fix and restore spinets (aka “drop action.”) But No, we do not buy or sell spinets.

Q. Do you service or purchase player pianos? 

A. No, sorry, we do not sell, service or purchase player pianos.

Q. Do you offer installment plans?

A. No, sorry, we do not offer installment plans.

Q. Can you provide financing?

A. Yes, we can provide financing. It’s interest free for a limited time. We also accept all major credit cards.

Q. Would you like a free piano or old piano parts?

A. No, thank you, we do not take free pianos or piano parts. We can dispose of pianos for you, and there is a fee for this service.

Q. Can you tell me how much my piano is worth?

A. Not without seeing it in person. We can provide a professional appraisal of your piano in your home. There is a fee for this appraisal service. We can also provide professional written appraisals for insurance and tax purposes. We are familiar with working with insurance companies. If you would like to figure out how much your piano is worth without hiring us to appraise it in your home, we would recommend looking up your piano on the Net. See how much other people are selling pianos for, that are a similar make, model and age to your piano.

Q. Do you give piano lessons?

A. We do not give lessons. We have teachers & friends who we can recommend in the Hudson Valley area. For piano teachers, we especially like Forte>Piano in Beacon NY. Copy & paste link http://fortepianostudio.net Akiko for classical 917-622-0395 Jesse for jazz 917-363-2101

Please write to us at supremepianos@gmail.com if you have another question you’d like to see answered on here.

  • “Thank you for bringing my family’s piano back to life!” –Annie Leibovitz, world-renowned photographer

  • “The piano tuning was perfect!”
    – Riekom Aizawa of the Amelia Piano Trio

  • “The piano sounds great! Thank you so much!”
    Anna Dagmar, Jazz Pianist and Singer/Songwriter