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Kawai Grand Piano

  • Price: $9,950
  • Manufacturer: Kawai
  • Finish: High Gloss
  • Color/Wood: Mahogany

Kawai KG-2D,Mahogany, 5’10” in length, made in 1986. The Kawai KG-2D is one of the best Kawai grands available. We have improved on this piano substantially by installing a brand new Canadian Spruce Buldoc soundboard, maple pin block and new strings. We also gave it a beautiful new high gloss mahogany finish. It’s a great instrument!

$9,950 includes bench, delivery within 100 miles (stairs are extra,) a five year service warranty on all moving parts, and one in-home tuning within 60 days of delivery. We accept credit cards, and we can offer financing.