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Dutchess Country, NY Piano Craftsman
Westchester County, NY

Our team of Master Piano Technicians, all with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of piano tuning, repair, and restoration have established Supreme Pianos of New York as one of the finest piano restoration shops in New York.

Our list of satisfied clients includes “Vanity Fair” photographer Annie Leibovitz, composer Philip Glass, singer/songwriter Roberta Flack, Academy Award nominated actor David Strathairn and many, many more.

With meticulous expertise, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a deep love of the musical craft, we work with you to find that perfect piano that lets you fulfill your musical dreams. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality attainable in every piano for the professional musician, the talented amateur, and the aspiring beginner alike.

Learn More About Supreme Pianos of New York:

  • Pianos For Sale – We have a number of fine quality pianos for sale; Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin and more. All our pianos have been carefully and artfully tuned and regulated. Our sales are by appointment.
  • Piano Restoration – Our master craftsmen specialize in bringing beautiful, vintage musical instruments to their finest level of musical performance. We restore every aspect of the piano including installing new soundboards, pinblocks, strings, actions parts and keyboards. Our refinishing department is especially adept at working with natural wood and ebony finishes.
  • Piano Tuning and Repair – Our in-home and shop piano tuning and repair services encompass all potential piano troubles, including action regulating, hammer voicing, and virtually every other aspect of the piano, such as keys, strings, veneer repair, and case finishing.
  • Music Lessons – Our staff includes a number of professionally trained musicians who can provide music lessons in piano, strings, woodwind and brass instruments. We also have many very fine piano teachers among our clientele and can recommend teachers in your area.

Jeremy for -About-

I was born into a family of remarkably talented classical musicians. My father, Vincent Duckles, was a highly esteemed musicologist at the University of California in Berkeley. My eldest brother, Larry, was the principal flutist of the San Francisco Ballet and the principal flutist and manager of the Pacifica Symphony in Irvine, CA. My brother, Lee, was the principal cellist of the Vancouver Symphony in Canada. My nephews and nieces are at the top of this generation of classical musicians. My nephew, Andrew Duckles, is the principal violist on the sound track for Star Wars, the Force Awakens. My niece, Anthea Kreston, violinist, has just moved to Berlin to perform as the newest member of the world renowned Artemis String Quartet.

I moved to New York to study viola with Leonard Davis, principal violist of the New York Philharmonic. In need of part-time work, I began my career as a piano/technician when I was hired by the Manhattan School of Music to tune their pianos. At that time MSM had 120 Steinway grand pianos, so this was an incredible opportunity to learn about the intricacies and subtleties of these remarkable instruments. The school would regularly bring in some of the best Steinway technicians in the world to work on their pianos; Franz Moore, concert grand tuning, Ralph Buscelli, grand action regulation, and Angelo Andino, soundboards, pin-blocks and stringing. These legends of the piano industry became my friends and mentors early on in my career. MSM also hired a very fine piano rebuilder and restorer, John Hartman, to restore some of their older Steinway grand pianos. I apprenticed with John for a number of years to learn about every aspect of piano rebuilding and restoration.

In the mid 1990’s, Ralph Buscelli, the great Steinway action restorer and regulator, retired from the piano business and invited me to take his place as the Piano Action Technician for the New York Piano Center. At the New York Piano Center, my job was exclusively high-level action regulation and restoration of Steinway grand pianos.

In 2003, after many years of working at some of the finest music conservatories and piano restoration shops in the world, I started my own piano restoration shop—Supreme Pianos of NY. Years of experience and extensive knowledge of the craft have enabled me to put together a team that I consider to be among the very best technicians in the industry. The relatively low overhead of the Hudson Valley gives me the opportunity to provide the highest level of piano restoration and piano sales, at prices that are very affordable.

Welcome to Supreme Pianos of NY! With many thanks for the wonderful friendships that I have developed through the years, with colleagues and clients alike.

Jeremy Duckles
President, Supreme Pianos of NY



Piano Technicians Guild: Supreme Pianos is a proud associate of the Piano Technicians Guild, the world’s premier source of expertise in piano service and technology.