Steinway B, 1911, Completely rebuilt.

This classic Steinway B is completely restored. It has a new premier Canadian spruce, Buldoc soundboard, a maple Steinway pin-block, a new American Steinway action and has been refinished in Satin Ebony. This piano has a gorgeous, rich tone. A truly great instrument.

Price $55,000.

Hallet & Davis NEW!

This new, 46”, Hallet & Davis is a very fine piano. Its well made, has nice tone and a very responsive touch. This comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Call for our sale price! NEW!

Yamaha G1

This 1970 Walnut Yamaha G1 has just had new strings and tuning pins installed. The original soundboard is in excellent condition. The action has been fully regulated and the hammers voiced by our expert piano technicians. This piano has the precise touch and tone are the hallmark of a fine Yamaha grand, This is a great instrument at a great price! Price $7,500.