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Supreme Pianos of New York offers complete piano restoration on all makes of grand and vertical pianos. Store owner Jeremy Duckles has been in business in NYC and the Hudson Valley since 1984. Jeremy developed his exacting perspective on piano restoration thanks to these respected names in the industry: Ralph Bisceglie, Angelo Andino, and Rhinehart Landstrom.

Supreme Pianos of NY specializes in the highest quality Steinway grand restoration, and we bring the same craftsmanship to all makes of pianos – from the 1800s to the current era. In addition to our Steinway restoration, we’ve restored Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Bluthner, Erard, Pleyel, Mason Hamlin, Baldwin, Yamaha, Kawai, Chickering, and countless other piano makers. Our craftspeople are among the best and most experienced that the industry has to offer. We also have the most affordable restoration prices in the area

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In the piano restoration industry, the most highly acclaimed pianos are vintage Steinways- Steinway pianos manufactured between the late 1800s and the 1950s. What makes vintage Steinways so unique? In the heyday of piano manufacturing, Steinway wasn’t using a modern assembly line. The pianos were made in a small station by two or three people working together on one piano. The craftsmen were able to focus on in on the finer details of the piano in a very intimate setting, as a skilled luthier would.

At Supreme Pianos of New York, we replicate this intimate process to piano rebuilding with only two or three technicians working on each piano. This old-school manufacturing process, combined with modern technology, allows us to produce restored pianos that are better than the original vintage instruments of yore.

All of the vintage Steinways that we have for sale are completely restored with new soundboards, pin-blocks, bridge caps, strings, and new action parts, dampers felts, and are entirely refinished.

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Natalie Merchant
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Manhattan School of Music
Adrian Ellis

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Supreme Pianos of New York use the finest materials available in all of our restored pianos. We use Gold Series piano wire made by Mapes International – the same stings that Steinway uses, and the finest German tuning pins. Our actions are either Renner or Steinway parts, depending on the piano and you on your preference.

All our vintage Steinways have the original NY Steinway foundry harps. Our soundboards are northeastern white spruce, and our bridge caps and pin-blocks are the finest quality maple. We use the highest quality French Laoreax damper felts for all dampers.

Our finishes are carefully detailed hand-rubbed lacquer finishes. We remove the original finish and hand-seal the base wood. We carefully repair and replace any damaged veneer. Finally, we stain the piano in either satin ebony or artfully selected wood stain to best bring out the character and texture of the original wood. The stain can also be customized to suit your color preference.

All restorations include


All of our restoration projects include a thorough restoration process including the following:

  • Bridge Caps Replaced
  • Harp Rebronzed
  • Pin Block Replaced
  • Tuning Pins Replaced
  • Agraffes Replaced
  • Strings Replaced
  • Pedal and Trap System Rebuilt
  • Action Regulated
  • Key Bushings Replaced
  • Key-frame Felts Replaced
  • Keytops Replaced
  • Cabinet Refinished
  • Felts and Leathers for Pedal and Trap Replaced
  • Damper Underlever System Reconditioned

Let our technicians restore your vintage piano. We can restore, rebuild, or recondition virtually any piano. Call (845) 298-8872 to schedule a meeting or contact us.

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