Selling Your Piano

Do you buy pianos?


We get many calls from people looking to sell us pianos that we are not interested in. We have a narrow range of what we are looking for, which is basically the Steinway brand. Occasionally Yamaha brand (acoustic only). No other brands. If your piano is not a Steinway or Yamaha, it is not something that we could use in our showroom selection at this time. It is also not something where we can find a buyer for you.

We’re also not interested in free pianos, spinets, player pianos, ex-player pianos, old parts, accordions, organs, digital keyboards, other instruments, etc. If your piano is not something we want, the advice above will help you sell it on the net.

How do I sell my piano?


If you want to sell your piano, we recommend selling it on the Internet. Some suggestions on where you can post it on the Net: Craigslist’s musical instrument section, Facebook Marketplace, EBay, PianoMart. There’s also a site for free pianos called Piano Adoption. If you’re not computer savvy, see if you can find a relative or friend to post the ad for you.

Good pictures will help you sell your piano. Make sure to take all the picture frames and belongings off of the piano so the entire case is visible. Take pictures that show the whole entire case- including the top, keyboard, legs, etc. If you want to polish it: we recommend Old English for wood grains, with a soft & fluffy, clean car-washing type cloth. You can get these cloths at a hardware store. Same soft and fluffy style cloth for high gloss finish, but spray window-glass cleaner or something similar onto the cloth. Don’t put cleaning liquids directly onto the piano. Put it onto the cloth and then wipe the piano, in the direction of the grain. Buff it out and look for streaks. Remember: good pictures will help to sell your piano.

If you want to know how much to sell it for: Look up the same year of manufacture, make and model on the Net, and see how much other people are selling similar pianos for. Also consider the condition of similar pianos compared to yours, as well as the geographical location. That will give you some idea of the going rate. Also check out the website “The Blue Book of Pianos,” which is a good resource. Please note, we cannot give appraisals over the phone. We charge a fee for appraisals, which are done in person. Our in-home appraisal can include written documentation for insurance purposes as needed.

Do you need to get your piano tuned or fixed?

Need help moving or disposing of your piano?

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