Steinway Model A, 1906, 6’1”, fully restored.

This vintage Steinway Model A grand piano has been fully restored. It has a new soundboard, pin-block, strings, and a new Steinway action. All our vintage pianos are restored to the highest standards of piano restoration by our expert Steinway technicians.

Price $45,000

Steinway B, 1911, Completely rebuilt.

This classic Steinway B is completely restored. It has a new premier Canadian spruce, Buldoc soundboard, a maple Steinway pin-block, a new American Steinway action and has been refinished in Satin Ebony. This piano has a gorgeous, rich tone. A truly great instrument.

Price $55,000.

Steinway Upright, Model K 1900

This beautiful Steinway Upright was manufactured in 1900. It a vintage upright made from the time when uprights were made to sound like grand pianos. This piano has been restored with a new pin-block, new strings, hammers and dampers. It’s an amazing instrument and truly does sound like a grand piano.
Price $9,500.

Steinway Hepplewhite Console 1941

This is a vintage era Steinway Console. We installed new Renner hammers and new damper felts. This piano has nice mellow tone and easy touch.

Price $4,500

Steinway Louis XV Console

Steinway Louis XV Console. This 1969 Steinway console is a classic. It has a wonderful tone and nice touch. The elegant Louis XV mahogany case will enrich any home. Its been fully regulated and refurbished.

Price $7,500.

Steinway 1098 Ebony Upright Piano

This Steinway upright piano is the well-respected model 1098. It has a sostenuto pedal, which is unusual and highly sought after- for the accomplished, discerning player. Most uprights do not have a sostenuto pedal like a grand piano. Made in 1973, and fully restored- refinished in satin ebony, new strings, new hammers, new dampers. Regulated and tuned.

Price $10,450 

Steinway 1098 Mahogany Upright Piano

Steinway upright piano, model 1098, mahogany, made in 1955. Fully restored with new hammers, strings, damper felts and completely regulated. 

Price $7,750.

Steinway S Baby Grand Piano 5’2”

Steinway S Baby Grand Piano 5’2”, mahogany, fully restored. This piano has a new maple Steinway pin-block, new strings, new damper felts, and a new German Steinway (Renner) action. The original Steinway soundboard is in perfect condition. The piano has been refinished in satin mahogany.

Price $24,500.