1906 Steinway Model A Grand Piano, Fully Restored

This vintage 1906 Steinway Model A grand piano has been fully restored. It has a new soundboard, pin-block, strings, and a new Steinway action. All our vintage pianos are restored to the highest standards of piano restoration by our expert Steinway technicians. This piano is almost ready. If you are interested in seeing it please call 845-298-8872

Price $45,000

Steinway Upright Piano, Model K, made in 1900, Restored

Restoration process on this piano is almost done. This beautiful Steinway Upright was manufactured in 1900. It a vintage upright made from the time when uprights were made to sound like grand pianos. This piano has been restored with a new pin-block, new strings, hammers and dampers. It’s an amazing instrument and truly does sound like a grand piano.
Price $15,000.

Steinway Upright Piano, Mahogany, Model 1098, Restored

Steinway upright piano, model 1098, mahogany, made in 1955. Fully restored with new hammers, strings, damper felts and completely regulated. 

Price $7,750.

Steinway S Baby Grand Piano, Fully Restored

Steinway S Baby Grand Piano 5’2”, mahogany, fully restored. This piano has a new maple Steinway pin-block, new strings, new damper felts, and a new German Steinway (Renner) action. The original Steinway soundboard is in perfect condition. The piano has been refinished in satin mahogany.

Price $26,500.